The Key To Smart Shopping

Shopping Smart is not always about faster and organized shopping but also saving all the dollars you can. You got it right! I was coming to coupons, you could always redeem for items at the stores you shop at. After all, why end up paying more when you know you could save with coupons. Just make sure you are on the look out for coupons from your previous purchases and that in the newspapers and do carry them along when you go shopping. There would still be many, who will forget to carry them or completely miss on making use of it, while standing at the counters and making payments.

The largest shopping mall in BC is the Metropolis shopping centre in Vancouver, which is the largest shopping centre as well. There are also many other centers and shopping malls throughout BC. For instance, there are numerous shopping malls throughout the Victoria area, including Victoria’s only downtown mall, The Bay Centre. There are also malls about ten minutes from Victoria which include Mayfair Shopping Centre and Hillside Shopping Centre. All one has to do is look for shopping flyers, online or off, to find one of the many great malls in British Columbia.

When you start doing mystery shopping, make sure you accept all suitable assignments including last minute jobs and any less than glamorous assignments you might be offered. The top class assignments will be offered to reliable mystery shoppers so you will need to prove yourself and build up a good reputation by making a good job of the lower quality assignments and getting your report in on time. At the start, you might find yourself being asked to do mystery shopping a the local fast food outlet or department store. Once you build up a reputation as a reliable mystery shopper, you can look forward to assignments where you are paid to visit expensive restaurants and designer shops. You might even be lucky enough to get a free trip and hotel accommodation as a mystery shopper.