Over the course of a weekend getting increasingly more sick with a sore throat, I decided to kill much of my Saturday night catching a hockey game online. The Aeros were out of town, so nothing was going on there. In fact, the team had shipped a popular goaltended to the ECHL affiliate in Lafayette (that’s the equivalent to shipping a AAA player to AA for you baseball fans). The odd part of that was that the goalie, Derek Gustafson, had been named to the All Star team only a few short days ago.

Anyway, the moral here is that I had a rooting interest in it. I’ve met Derek a few times and he’s one of the nicest kids you’ll ever meet. Not a trace of ego, never a bad word to say about anyone, you name it … he’s the kind of athlete you hope goes far and never changes.

In any event, I’m listening to the game … it was rather compelling since a lot of players on both teams had once worn an Aeros uni at some point. They interviewed Derek during the first intermission, and it was pretty good. So I decided to stick out the game and see how it ended for Derek. Later on, they had a trivia contest. Nothing major, just a question and you email in the answer to the announcer. The question pertained to Derek. The answer wasn’t on the tip of my tongue, but with one Google search, I had my answer in short time. On top of that, I won. On top of that, I got my name mentioned on Lafayette radio about 5 times.

Upon giving a courtesy check to my friend to see if he had any designs to ditch the Aeros game on Sunday in favor of a roadie, I emailed back to relinquish the tickets I had won. I felt kinda bad since I knew it was a longshot that even I’d want to go. But still, it was cool.

When I gave back my winnings, I added my URL to my Aeros fan site. Just a subtle name drop of my own. If it got clicked, great … if it didn’t no loss. Well, I awoke today and had an email from the radio guy saying he loved the site and offered me a copy of the Derek interview.

There’s no grand lesson here, but I had to share the news with a friend and tell him that I’m now convinced any old crankjob with bandwidth can now be a minor celebrity. I’m a little hopeful that I’ve got a more highly notable 15 minutes of fame, but it was still a pretty cool few days dwelling on that.

On another note, I also roasted Uber rather heartily with a Photoshop job on an AHL trading card. I’m sure there’s a burning rage since he knows I like to keep the message board on IA (where the pics were originally posted) relatively clean. So for once and for all, here’s Uber in all his glory … and full swearing privelages in the comments.